Made in Czech Republic

Patrik Jüptner resin made in Czech Republic
Patrik Jüptner resin made in Czech Republic

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Patrik Jüptner website 

Resin, flower custom handcraft jewellery fabrication by Patrik Jüptner

I pick flowers, plants up dry and press them. I bend, throb the silver, copper, brass or bronze wire and then drain the multi-layer resin to the molds. Each of product has 5 to 12 layers of resin. Natural, synthetical resin jewellry.

Made in Czech Republic, pure Czech components and My handcraft

Season 2022 -  Till 22.7.2022 daily,  9am-2pm (if super hot 6pm-8pm). King regards, Patrik

There are no words, what could express my appreciations to whom I met, I love You guys, thank You for support. I´m just coursed or blessed. Please, help Me make it through the each night, till the morning early light. Have a good one, Patrik


I haven't got a cell phone, the number below is based at my workshop (6miles south of Prague - Jesenice). Get in touch with me, my cell does not support MMS, just basic text messages. I NEVER call back to missed call. If you do wanna get in touch with me, try several times. The very opportunity You got every weekday morning 6-9AM. Email I check approx once a month out. Patrik

Handcraft Resin Jewellry

 Man's jewellery

It's all in the details with Patrik`s collection of men's jewellery. From leather bracelets to leather or pendant necklaces, explore Patrik`s range of fashion jewellery and luxury men jewellery

Woman's jewellery

Luxury jewellery on your chic clothes to take care of your style right down to the last detail! Patrik's jewellery gives you the chance to sparkle with the latest top-handcrafted and fabricated woman jewellery

Kid's jewellery

From bracelet sets to stick-on earrings, Patrik`s collection of jewellery from Patrik has got a range for kids and is guaranteed to be a hit

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2022 year
2002 year
2002 year
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2022 year

Resin jewellery by Patrik Jüptner

Telč, Český Krumlov, Castle Karlstein, Prague - Malá strana, Prague - Charles Bridge

2020 schedule

Prague - Malá Strana - every monday 1.3.-20.9 2020 8.30-11.00 AM
Prague - Charles Bridge

18.2 - 31.10.2020 tu,we,th,fr 8.30-11.00 AM (except days written in this article and in the summer hot season open few afternoon 4.00-9.00PM

Telč - 20. 7. 2020 8.30-12.00 AM
Český Krumlov - 14. 8. 2020 8.30-12.00 AM
Castle Karstein - 10. 6. 2020 8.30-12.00 AM

Design Miami - Basel, Switzerland - 16.6. -20.6. 2020

London Jewellery EXPO - Chelsea Old Town hall - London, Great Britain - 28.2. - 1.3. 2020

International Jewellery London - Alexandra palace - London, Great Britain - 13.9. - 15.9.2020

Meet me in the Czech Republic - Europe location

I sell only at the street (in addition to the International trade show), there is no e-shop, social site, nor other shop.. This is the only OFFICIAL web site, Patrik

NO SHIPPING - meet Me or you better overnight from JAPAN .-)

If You´d like custom fabrication of jewellry, I do need unless 8 dryied samples to create a single one, cause resin reaction. If You got single one ain´t able to fabricate that (in case You have a plant what I didn’t  fab in the past) 
price for custom natural resin jewellry is 800Eur+ for single one (natural resin I fab 2 inch diameter or larger, only necklaces size, various shapes, I pick the natural resin by myself up, I fab Czech soft wood resin - spruce, pine and larch resin)

I pick ONLY foreign numbers up

warranty service - please email me

The phone number dial without 00 on the end

(search engines reasons) Thank You, have a good one

+420 606 89881000